HOA Management Acquisitions

Already one the leading residential Property Management firms in the United States, HomeRiver continues to expand our comprehensive services to HOA Management providing everything you need under one roof. HomeRiver continues to grow both organically and through portfolio acquisitions in it's own markets and by acquiring best-in-class regional and local HOA management companies in other markets across the country

How much is my HOA Management portfolio worth?

Continually expanding our national footprint

HomeRiver is a national leader in Property and HOA Management and related services. Because HomeRiver is a national brand, both owners and tenants can consistently expect a superlative level of performance and service. For owners, this means lower costs and higher profits; for tenants it means a better quality of life.

HomeRiver’s brand is unique in two ways. First, we are a national property management company that offers one-stop shopping for the full range of Property and HOA Management and related services, including acquisitions, rehab, leasing, management, maintenance and disposition. Secondly, we make partners out of the sellers of the local companies we acquire. This creates a culture of professionals who share a vision to provide our clients and tenants with all the economies of scale, efficiencies, technology and best practices we can harness across the country – no matter where the property is.

Platform Acquisitions (Companies)

HomeRiver does two types of acquisitions - platforms, where we buy an entire company and the senior management stays in place, and portfolios, where we buy only management contracts and senior management exits the business.

HomeRiver typically enters new markets by acquiring best-in-class local operators, whose selling principals become our partners. These professionals share our vision and seek to be part of something bigger and better.

If you sell your business to HomeRiver as a platform, you will be in the company of other great operators across the country. You will also get paid a salary to continue running the business as a local division of HomeRiver.

The purchase price for your company will be competitive in the market. Historically, we have paid sellers the majority of the purchase price in cash at closing with the balance in HomeRiver equity. This basically has made these sellers our partners – working together to make our business succeed. And by deciding to “roll over” a portion of the purchase price into HomeRiver equity, these sellers have partnered not only with best-in-class operators, but also with the experienced institutional investors who have backed and continue to invest in HomeRiver.

An important side benefit of receiving a portion of your purchase price in equity is potentially tax-deferred treatment.

As a division of HomeRiver, we’ll also help your operation grow and improve, by:

We believe in being better than average. We believe in being excellent and we are on a mission to change everything about the community association management industry and the services we deliver.

Fostering a constant exchange between you and your regional HomeRiver counterparts around cutting-edge best practices and technology that can be improved and applied across our national footprint as the industry continues to evolve .

We’ve looked long and hard at the way things have always been done, and we’ve decided to do the exact opposite. We’re making changes, and we’re developing a new model of better management.

How much is my HOA Management portfolio worth?

HomeRiver is a national company that offers all your property management needs under one roof.